Occupational Health and Safety Administration

A suite of OSHA products designed to guide the professional and the novice in developing health and safety policy and plans conforming to OHSAS 18000.

OHSAS 18000 Occupational Health & Safety Toolkit

The OHSAS Toolkit is a collection of guides and templates to help you to implement OHSAS 18001. The kit contains the latest OHSAS standards (18001:2007 and 18002:2008) in PDF format and a guide to implementing the standards. A series of templates will help you to perform surveys of hazards in the workplace and will indicate levels of risk and areas where action is required.
Requires Microsoft Word

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JSA Report Generator™

Generates job safety analaysis reports (risk assessment analyses) for OHSA compliance. Over 80 separate occupational health and safety hazards are identified with more than 560 control measures to reduce risk. Simply select items from the menu and generate a risk assessment report in seconds. A real time saver for both the busy H&S professional and for those who have responsibility for complying with Health & Safety legislation.
Requires Microsoft Word - US and UK versions in one product.

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Occupational Health and Safety Manual

An essential resource for the Health and Safety professional

  • Health & Safety Procedures
  • Risk Assessment Forms & Instructions
  • Health & Safety Policies
  • Requisite Forms
  • Codes of Practice
  • Employee Guides
  • Hazard Tables

Requires Microsoft Word - US and UK versions in one product.

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Health & Safety Induction Training Presentation

To assist you in corporate Health & Safety induction training, this Microsoft Powerpoint 97, presentation contains over 100 slides to create a professional on-screen slide show, saving you hours of training-preparation time. Powerpoint provides powerful editing capabilities to customise the presentation to your own requirements. It also enables you to export the presentation in a variety of formats for use on different platforms.
Requires Microsoft Word - US and UK versions in one product.

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